Mike Cameron: 21 May 1942 – 26 September 2022

Many of you may know that Mike had been tackling cancer during 2022. Sadly, he passed away peacefully on 26 September 2022.

He will be sorely missed by his partner, Shane, his children, Michelle and Marshall, his grandchildren, and his extended family.

Mike’s family understands that his relationships are extensive, and many have been long-lasting. Mike loved his professional life and treasured his opportunities to work with and assist his friends and colleagues. He was constantly invigorated by these connections and collaborations.

Mike wanted to continue to share his experience and asked that the information on his website remains available to those who would find it of value.

Thank you for being part of Mike’s rich life.

Professional Coaching with Practical Experience

Executive Coaching

In order to stay competitive, high-performance executives continually fine-tune their skills, mindsets and overall behaviour through potent coaching solutions.

Mike's Executive Coaching programs were specifically designed to:

  • act as a sounding board for high profile leaders.
  • develop high-potential talent.
  • address blind spots or derailing behaviour in otherwise talented executives.
  • support change leadership through effective communication and interpersonal awareness.
  • enhance business skills and aid intellectual development.
  • assist during significant cultural, behavioural or organisational change.

Business Coaching

Do you have a need to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be?

Mike's Business Coaching programs guide you through the potentially challenging process as your business grows and the coaching interaction, tools and focus points, enable you to:

  • articulate the organisation’s vision
  • set goals with actions and develop plans to ensure their success.
  • identify your strengths and potential for improvement.
  • effectively manage your situational role in the Plan, Organise, Lead and Control model.
  • feel motivated through building your sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • enjoy improved time-management and the feeling from success.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a co-creative partnership that builds capability to achieve short and long-term organisational and personal goals.

The leader may well be an executive, business owner, manager, supervisor, team leader; in fact, anyone with ‘bottom-line’ accountability and responsibility for group output.

Mike's Leadership Coaching programs help:

  • build trust and transformational communication.
  • an organisation’s growth through sustainable behavioural change.
  • improve performance, effectiveness and efficiency for greater financial returns.
  • high-performance individuals identified as emerging leaders with potential.

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The Emerging Leader book by Mike Cameron

The Emerging Leader is for anyone who wants to hone their skills, acquire new competencies and better understand areas for personal improvement.

It is a practical self-coaching guide on how to master and habitually exhibit the seven core characteristic of effective leadership, through knowing yourself, being emotionally resilient, displaying management intelligence and using efficacious communication.

Effective Leaders book by Mike Cameron

Effective Leaders is packed with interesting stories and lived-experiences from a diverse demographic and wide ranging group of acknowledged leaders and subject matter experts.

The stories highlight the importance of mastering the seven core characteristics of effective leadership whilst establishing Trust in the workplace. There are also chapters on the four attributes (Respect, Courage, Integrity and Agility) that underpin the key leadership qualities.



Over twenty years ago, I began leadership coaching, through effective and interpersonal awareness. However, as a leadership coach and mentor since the mid-1980s, with proven success across a diverse global working environment, I supported a great many positive and constructive people who were seeking personal growth and behavioural change ... as well as, it must be said, dealing with a number of headstrong, stubborn, unwilling to engage and difficult people.

Industry Experience

Early in my business life, and with the guidance of a mentor, I learnt the value of co-creative learning and team building while developing my personal, management and leadership style. This enabled me to enjoy a rewarding career through technical, operational, sales, marketing, senior, divisional and executive management roles, within three blue chip civil construction, extractive and explosives corporations in both Australia and overseas.


Over the years, and as a result of tailored coaching programs, many individuals have achieved outstanding career growth and success through implementing key insights and adopting behavioural and attitudinal change. I help my clients enhance their performance while also applying key core behavioural competencies:
Management Competency, Emotional Resilience and Effective Communication.

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Mike Cameron
Conversational Intellignece certification
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)      mBIT Certified Coach      mBIT Certified Coach      Mental Health First Aider Accreditation