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Leadership Coaching

Using a co-creative, individualised process, I coach to build a leader’s confidence and capability to achieve short, and long-term organisational goals.

It’s a partnership, with the aim being to create sustainable behavioural change, that will transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life (and that of their team/s).

The leader may well be an executive, business owner, manager, supervisor or team leader; in fact, anyone with ‘bottom-line’ accountability and responsibility for group output.

Leadership coaching supports:

Mike Cameron - Executive Coach
  • An organisation’s growth, through sustainable behavioural change.
  • Improved performance, effectiveness and efficiency for greater financial returns.
  • Honing the skills of high-performance individuals who have been identified as emerging leaders with potential.
  • Establishing a strong base for empowerment through applying the tenets of Conversational Intelligence® and Emotional Intelligence to ensure the effective application of Management Intelligence.
  • Creating a working environment based on trust and values.
  • Building leaders for change with effective communication skills and interpersonal awareness.
  • The development of team awareness, accountability and shared values.
  • Improved work/life balance.

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