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The table below presents the 47 numbered LINKS that are clearly identified as you read through the book. So. if you are looking for additional information about an article or a website that has been referenced within the book, click on the specific LINK below for immediate action.

For Example: If you wish to take a DISCflex assessment, click on LINK 02 for a special offer and enrolment process from Assess to Succeed.


Shown below are 17 resources from the book, each of which are linked to an easily downloadable PDF. Just click on the material of your choice.

Know Yourself Links Page Vision and Values Questionnaire Learning Styles Questionnaire Kolb and Honey Mumford Evaluations DISCflex Explanation Six Steps SMART Action Plan Diagrams Goal Planning Sheets Time Management Quadrant Covey-Merrill The POLC Model The Emerging Leader Model The 7 Core Characteristics of Effective Leadership Stephen M R Covey's Trust Matrix The CHANGE Questionnaire BUSINESS STRATEGY DIAGRAM TRUST - SLIDES FROM THE 2021 IPWEA PRESENTATION DECISION MAKING - USE DE BONO'S 6 THINKING HATS Communication Style Flexing Strategies The Emotional Pyramid of Needs - Susan David, Ph.D


The UK-based Forton Group have a monthly BOOK CLUB when Bob Hughes, CEO interviews authors about their latest publication. Below are links to an interview with Mike Cameron.

For more information on the Forton Group please visit their website

Eduard Szabo was a student on a High Performance Management program that I facilitated for Leadership Management Australia P/L some years ago. We became friends and continue to stay in touch. Eduard has developing podcasting and video editing skills. Following are a series of interesting interviews, based upon topics within my book, The Emerging Leader. You can check out his LinkedIn profile at

1 - Eduard’s introduction to myself and my book2 - Background information about myself3 - The genesis of my book, The Emerging Leader4 - The transformational journey5 - Sustainability6 - Know Yourself – An explanation7 - Procrastination8 - Emotional Understanding9 - Effective Communication10 - Eduard’s final ‘wrap-up’ and asking where you can buy the book